SOiLSYS is a Digital Soil Innovation Hub1 in order to cultivate and promote the ‘Idea of Soil’ in Western Greece and contribute to R&D for innovative and new soil testing systems.

SOiLSYS is an authoritative academic open access archive / repository of soil data information that is given free and permitting users to make any lawful and non-commercial use of it.

Supporters and members of SOiLSYS can be governmental authorities, academic staff, scientists, farmers, companies, non governmental organizations, etc. In case you would like to help and contribute to SOiLSYS, you are welcome. Do not hesiatate to contact with us at

SOiLSYS Sustain Life

Kind regards
Dr. Pantelis E. Barouchas
Assistant Professor, Soil Science
TEI of Western Greece

1Administration is under Research Committee Council