Pantelis E. Barouchas

Assistant Professor, Soil Science

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Dr. Pantelis E. Barouchas is Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Technology – Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece. He has a diploma of the Department of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering of the Agricultural University of Athens, a M.Sc. in the same department with specialization “Natural Resources – Environmental Management with emphasis in Soil Genesis” and a Ph.D. again from the Agricultural University of Athens. The Ph.D. thesis is entitled “Soil spectral characteristics and color analysis of Alfisols” which is considered a specialization in the area “Soil Genesis – and Classification”. He was a scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) for postgraduate studies in Greece (1997-2000) and scholar for his proficiency and behavior (1993-1994). He worked in the private and public sector, providing consultancy services in applied soil science, plant nutrition, fertilization and analysis of soil samples and plant tissues with modern techniques. He has excellent knowledge and experience in computer systems and informatics especially in programming languages such as Fortran, Pascal, the use of GIS, and GS+, STATISTICA, HYDRUS3D. He has also rich experience in research projects. His research activity is focusing in Closed Drainage Systems – Soil Genesis and Problematic Soils. His research work includes publications in peer-reviewed international journals. He is the inventor of the patented Automatic portable and digital soil calcimeter Publication number:  WO2014060782 A1, World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO Publication.


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